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Meeting with the Ministry of Economic and Sustaineble development of Georgia

17 Sep '15

On 17th of September, in the Redisson Blu Iveria a meeting, organized by BAG, was held between the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, Dimitry Kumsishvili, Deputy Minister, representatives of the ministry and the representatives of association member companies.
The meeting focused on the important issues, such as the exchange rate of GEL FDI. The businessmen had opportunity to ask questions to the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia Business ombudsmen.
The Minister introduced the vision of the Ministry and the current situation regarding the state property, tourism, transport and other fields to the representatives of the BAG. Dimitry Kumsishvili also talked about the importance and the results of the visit of the Georgian delegation’s visit to China last week. “It is my pleasure to hold a meeting with businessmen in this rank. I constantly had meetings with business sector representatives while being at different positions and I believe that business is the driving force of the economy and only transparent and steady communication with them makes it possible to ensure our economic growth as soon as possible” - Dimitry Kumsishvili stated.
The Minister also noted that the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia shall try to be the fastest decision-making state office.
During talking about the exchange rate of GEL the president of BAG George Chirakadze stated that cooperation between the National Bank of Georgia and the government of Georgia very important to calm down the business and the society in this situation.
First Vice President of BAG Soso Pkhakadze also talked about the exchange rate of GEL – Exchange Rate of GEL affects everyone as the residents of the country, as the business. Business is made by estimation of the future, if you have positive expectations, more and more investments are being made in business and economics, this is the situation of the whole world. However, the current situation can’t be considered separately from what is happening in the region – situation in the region is very difficult, almost every country is facing the problem. In my opinion, Government and business need to work together and gather more and more investation of foreign currency investment to enter the country. This is the only right way In order to make our national currency to strengthen.