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Benefits of DRC

  • Independence – DRC is an organization created by non-profit legal entity BAG and professionals. Its governing structure and recordkeeping rules determine full independence of  arbitrations and arbitrators.


  • Flexibility - The parties may agree on and choose arbitration procedures, the language and the number of arbitrators.


  • Reasonable expenses - cost-saving and reasonably determine is one of the major principles of DRC recordkeeping and it is controlled by the court of DRC.


  • Quick review – recordkeeping of DRC provides mechanisms of quick review, and the small financial disputes aside for urgent examination of the dispute procedure.


  • Confidentiality - The arbitration proceedings are closed and confidential.


  • Quality Control - in advance - before the signature by the arbitrators, DRC’s court checks the formalities of arbitration decision.


  • Software – DRC’s Secretariat carries out any of the electronic registration and proceedings, which helps to administer the dispute resolution.


  • Electronic record-keeping - the parties can send the arbitration claim and counterclaim electronically to DRC-'s secretariat by special program placed on the web-site of DRC. Also parties can get acquainted with materials of the case and work related news online, which contributes consideration of the case faster and by lower cost.


  • Electronic Archive – the secretariat of DRC provides electronic archive of the documents adopted from the parties and created during arbitration proceedings. As a result these documents are stored and are easily accessible for the parties.


  • arbitration clause – every dispute created within this contract or in connection with it, also every issue about validity and termination about the contract and / or the arbitration agreement, should be submitted to arbitration "Dispute Resolution Center" for review and final decision shall.