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About DRC


Dispute Resolution Center (DRC) - Modern Standard Arbitration

In the beginning of 2014 Business Association of Georgia became the partner of the Arbitration Institute Dispute Resolution Center. On the one hand, this has united the biggest and leader companies, businessmen in their fields and on the other hand, professionals having appropriate reputation and qualification under a single idea – transforming Tbilisi into a regional center for resolving international commercial disputes and developing DRC into an institute for resolving international commercial disputes. To achieve this goal on the one hand good arbitration law and arbitration-friendly judicial system and on the other hand strong arbitration center must exist in the country.

DRC operates since 2008 and is characterized with high professionalism and reputation. Arbitration institute arbiters contributed greatly to the establishment of Georgian Arbiters’ Association in 2013, which has elaborated and adopted “Arbiters’ Code of Ethics”.

DRC – Dispute Resolution Center offers business its services through arbitration and mediation.

It is worth mentioning that in business and civil relations a huge importance is attached to speed and the form of resolving disputes in the course of dispute proceedings. One of the main significances of arbitration is to resolve the dispute rapidly and with less expenditure.

DRC is the only arbitration institution, which conducts electronic arbitration dispute proceedings. Parties to the dispute are able to handle dispute electronically: study case-files through DRC special electronic program, receive news concerning the case, present new evidences, etc. For businesses that have to conclude a number of agreements, it is very comfortable to initiate arbitration dispute without leaving the office and participate in it.

DRC advises to the businessmen in order to prevent possible disputes to take account of the arbitration agreement in their agreements. On the basis of contract disputes will be submitted, in Dispute Resolution Center. The parties of arbitration agreement know from the beginning that in case of dispute will be resolved quickly and at lower cost by independent, impartial and professional arbitrators, which motivates them to make every effort to avoid a dispute.