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18 Oct '18

Irakli Aslanishvili's assessment of the planned regulations of the National Bank of Georgia

Business associations publicly appeal to the National Bank of Georgia..more

4 Oct '18

BAG Member Companies Meeting with Prime Minister of Georgia

On October 3 Business Association of Georgia organized a meeting with the Prime Minister of Georgia Mamuka Bakhtadze. Prime Minister introduced new economic initiatives to business sector representatives - the report about the meeting on First Channel ..more

4 Oct '18

Meeting with Prime Minister of Georgia

How Irakli Aslanishvili, Executive Director of BAG evaluates Business Freedom Index in the country and what were the issues discussed at the meeting with the Prime Minister - report on TV-program Sakmis Kursi..more

27 Sep '18

Business Association of Georgia demands to remove all restrictions on smoke-free alternatives to cigarettes, including “e-cigarettes” and other vapor product


2 Aug '18

Giorgi Kobulia Meets Heads of Business Associations

Giorgi Kobulia, the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia met with Georgian Business Associations. The meeting dwelt upon the planned and ongoing reforms of the Ministry...more

1 Aug '18

Nika Nanuashvili on the labor safety law

Nika Nanuashvili, legal analyst of BAG speaks about the Law on Labor Safety..more