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Meeting with the Business Ombudsman

27 Nov '15

On 25th of November, in Tbilisi Marriott a meeting, organized by BAG, was held between the Business Ombudsmen George Gakharia, Deputy Business Ombudsmen Zurab Dznelashvili, the office of economic council  and the representatives of association member companies.
The meeting focused on the important issues, such as the abolition of police eviction, the issue about labor inspection, price increase on the excise tax of some alcoholic drinks, anti-dumping law, etc. The businessmen had opportunity to ask questions to the Business ombudsmen.
By the statement of the President of BAG, George Chirakadze, the meeting raised a lot of issues, including the abolition of the income tax, - We state, that predictable business environment is very important for business. We need to know what will happen in 2016, 2017 and 2018 years. We heard a business point of view of Business Ombudsman, that it is done with regard to tobacco and it will be good if it will be done with regard to alcoholic beverages and we won’t get surprises.
George Gakharia expressed his satisfaction and thanked the businessmen for frank and open conversation. As Business Ombudsman expressed the meetings with the business sector is regular. By his speech, it is obvious that the level of trust has been quite high and working in such case will be continued.
As for antidumping draft law, as the Business Ombudsman said it is the only project. Based on the fact that the anti-dumping legislation, the introduction of a rather complicated procedure, we agreed to continue to work on it together. Jurisprudence of anti-dumping draft law is very complicated procedure, we agreed to continue working about the draft law collaboratively. This is a Parliamentary Initiative. I can’t tell you what is written in the draft law exactly, but I can promise you that the business will be will be fully involved in the work on this legislation, - stated Giorgi Gakharia.