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Georgian-Kazakh Economic Cooperation: Strengthening Business Relations

10 Aug '23

The representatives of the Business Association of Georgia recently held a productive meeting with the heads of agencies responsible for entrepreneurial-industrial development in the Western District of Kazakhstan. The main focus of the meeting was to explore opportunities for economic cooperation between Georgia and Kazakhstan.
Nariman Turegaliev, the district governor and head of the delegation, provided detailed information to the association's member companies about the current economic situation in Kazakhstan. He highlighted state programs aimed at encouraging investments and discussed the investment potential of the Western Kazakhstan region.
During the presentation, the discussion revolved around trade relations, import and export products, as well as the production and export of petroleum products in the region. The conversation also touched upon the agricultural processing industry, showcasing the region's expertise in animal husbandry and machine building.
The representatives of the association's member companies had the opportunity to address pertinent issues related to Georgian-Kazakh economic cooperation. The meeting also emphasized identifying potential areas for future collaboration between the two parties.
Levan Vepkhvadze, the executive director of the Business Association of Georgia, expressed his appreciation for the representation of the Republic of Kazakhstan within the association. He emphasized the importance of such communication in discovering new opportunities and fostering investments. Vepkhvadze also highlighted the various areas of cooperation that were identified during the meeting, which will undoubtedly strengthen the economic and business relations between the two countries.