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First Session of Investors Council

30 Oct '15

First Session of Investors Council, chaired by the Prime Minister of Georgia, established for further development of relations between the state and Investors... more

BAGs Business Trip in Germany

30 Oct '15

The manager of Sector Development of BAG took participation in the seminar, organized by the Federal Foreign Office of Germany, on 26-28th of... more

Meeting with the Management of the Partnership Fund

27 Oct '15

On 27th of October, in Tbilisi Marriott a meeting, organized by BAG, was held between the CEO of JSC Partnership Fund, Davit Saganelidze and Deputy CEO of JSC Partnership Fund... more

Managing authorities of BAG were elected on the General Meeting of BAG

21 Oct '15

4th joint session of the Business Association of Georgia was convened in Tbilisi Mariot Hotel, which elected the President, Vice Presidents, Supervisory Board... more

BAGs business trip in Paris

28 Sep '15

BAG signed a memorandum about cooperation between BAG and MEDEF International... more

Meeting with the Ministry of Economic and Sustaineble development of Georgia

17 Sep '15

On 17th of September, a meeting, organized by BAG, was held between the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia... more