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The Business Association of Georgia will be actively involved in the process of working on the problems in the hospital sector

22 Jul '21

The problems created by the Covid 19 Pandemic and the current situation in the sector were discussed at a meeting with representatives of the hospital sector in the Business Association of Georgia.

During the meeting, among other important issues, the tariff policy for medical services was discussed in detail, which is a relevant issue for the hospital sector.

As it was mentioned at the meeting, the presented tariffs are set until 2019, but they are not being revised, despite the devaluation of the national currency exchange rate, the doubling of the electricity tariff and the significant increase in the cost of consumables. Accordingly, the agenda includes the need to establish a mechanism for indexing the presented tariffs, which will ensure the possibility of continuing to operate the hospital sector and will be aimed at improving the quality of medical services.

It was decided at the meeting that a framework document will be prepared with the involvement of key stakeholders in the Business Association of Georgia, where the issues discussed and ways to resolve them will be presented. The Association will also actively communicate with relevant officials and government agencies to share their views and engage in dialogue with the sector.

"We are going to actively cooperate with the government on problematic issues in the sector, as the investments that have been made and are being made in the sector require more foresight of the investment environment. The Covid pandemic has hit the country's economy and businesses as a whole, though it is worth noting the direction of health care that has taken this blow on itself. We believe that it will be possible to communicate with the government on the above-mentioned issues and, consequently, to work in a coordinated manner, ”said Soso Pkhakadze, President of the Business Association of Georgia.