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Nick Nanuashvili

Nick Nanuashvili is Legal Analyst of BAG from 2010 year. In different years Nick worked with the National Bank of Georgia, Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, Ministry of Refugees and Accommodation of Georgia, the Office of the Kvemo Kartli Governor, UNHCR Project. He graduated the Tbilisi State University, Law Faculty. At BAG Nick is involved in legislation analysis and initiating process.

შრომის უსაფრთხოების ფილოსოფიური ქვა Nick Nanuashvili შრომის უსაფრთხოება

2017 წელს სამუშაო ადგილებზე უბედური შემთხვევის შედეგად 47 ადამიანი დაიღუპა. 2011-2017 წლების განმავლობაში სამუშაო ადგილებზე დაღუპულთა რიცხვი 317-ს აღწევს.

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The Power of Consumer Nick Nanuashvili DCFTA

if we look at the unity of power and strength we will get a very powerful and effective weapon in the hands of the owner; but if we put out strength or power from the strength of Power  of nothing from it will remain and we will get a completely

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