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The Prime Ministers meeting with the business sector

18 Jan '16

On 18th of January, CEO of BAG, Irakli Aslanishvili participated in the meeting, organized by the administration of Government of Georgia, where the Prime-Minister of Georgia, Giorgi Kvirikashvili met the representatives of business. The meeting focused on 4 main areas for economic development: 1. Job creation and economic development; 2. Reform of participation and transparency; 3. Regional development; 4. Educational system reform.
Based on the assessments made by the head of the government, the decisions of the government shall reflect current needs of the state, economy and individual economic actors
"I want each of you to feel important in the decision making process" - addressed the Prime Minister the representatives of business associations.
Job creation and economic development of their own include the 5 major reform:
• Estonian Taxation Model will be implemented in Georgia, which implies liberalization from the corporate income tax and taxation of solely shared profits;
• It is planned to maximally regulate the tax administration bodies, thus limiting the time period of individual inspections;
• Pursuant to the initiative of the Prime Minister, the government is working on the package of draft amendments related to the decriminalization of the economic crimes to avoid pre-trial detentions;
• Activities of the Investigation Service of Ministry of Finance will be maximally regulated;
• Mechanisms on financing startups will be established to support development of the new businesses.
The Government will ensure utmost engagement of the society in the decision making processes. The main emphasis will be placed on youth and the representatives of the business sector. "This will be very important locomotive of the engagement of individual members of the society. It also implies establishment of the unified Front office for the whole government and regulation of the timeframe necessary for decision making process", - the Prime Minister declared and articulated that special unit supervising said direction will be established within the Administration of the Government (the Administration).
Giorgi Kvirikashvili emphasized that the Ministries will remain as policymakers, but, for the purpose of improvement the management, the Administration will control the term, transparency of and engagement in the decision making process.
The Prime Minister plans putting particular emphasis on development of the regions. "We often have a sense that reforms are being implemented, however, there is different Georgia, with different people in the regions. There is a different reality and people do not feel engaged in decision making processes. Hence, particular emphasis will be placed on development of the regions, acceleration of the regional infrastructural projects and correct prioritization of the said projects, to ensure that they are in line with the needs and challenges existing within the region", - Kvirikashvili articulated.
Pursuant to the assessment of the Prime Minister, the educational system also requires major reforms. First of all, based on the maximally dynamic research of the needs existing within the country, the growth of the quality of general education, increase of the prestige of the professional education and fundamental reform of the higher education are being discussed.
As CEO of BAG, Irakli Aslanishvili assessed the meeting, - Today, Prime-minister announced Important initiatives including the decriminalization of tax and income tax reform. We discussed the issue of investments, promoting the importance of education. The Prime-Minister promised us, that at each stage he will have active communication with the business, which is very complimentary. We fully support reforms and initiatives, which were announced. We think that new levels of communication will result in higher results of economic growth.