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Mosaic: Taxes - Georgia and the World

The largest share of the budget revenues is of taxes on goods and services. 88 % of the income tax payers are registered in Tbilisi.

Economy in Brief, April 2016

In February of 2016 inflow of remittances have increased by 13.3 m USD.

last month, average exchange rate of the Georgian Lari against USD  appreciated by 4.2%. Inflation rate dropped below the target level and amounted to 4.1%.

Mosaic: End-user - Georgia and the region

The poorest 20% of population received 5.6% of the total income;
Nearly a third of the average monthly income was allocated in Tbilisi.

Georgia in International ratings

Mostly Georgia is a a country with free market economy according to the the Heritage Foundation.
According toUNDP  Georgia turns. into high human development category.
According to World Bank report Georgia outstrips 165 countries in easy of doing business in the world

Economy in Brief, October 2015

The Funding of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia is increased by 5 Million GEL by the projected state budget of 2016.
The real depreciation of GEL towards USD dollar was 23,4 % in September.
In the second quarter, the biggest part of foreign direct investment was received from Azerbaijan

The obstacles facing to the development of tourism in Georgia

The obstacles facing to the development of tourism in Georgia
The study is a recommendatory and considers ways of solving obstacles. The opinions of the document are based on different sources and analysis.